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Technologies of the company

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Level of broker"s technologies directly influences the level of working conditions of trader and his trading results. MFX Broker provides traders with contemporary software solutions which can simplify and improve the trading process.

MFX Broker works with leaders of the software development for brokerage companies. We interfere the most contemporary technologies and constantly update our current services.

One Click Trading considerably improves the quality of terminal's operation, giving opportunity to conduct all necessary operations right from the chart just with one click.

For whom:

One-Click Trading service is created for traders whose strategy implies realization of a lot of trades. This service considerably simplifies realization of trading operations in MetaTrader 4 client terminals.

How it works:

The dashboard is easily uploaded manually to MetaTrader4 and is activated automatically when logging-in the trading platform.

Actions available with One-Click Trading:

  • Order for sell.
  • Order for buy.
  • Current spread.
  • Stop loss\take profit in pips.
  • Cumulative profit on open trades.
  • Current Bid and Ask prices.

Bridge Aggregator is a protocol which lets to work with several liquidity providers at once. Due to this fact traders get the best current Bid and Ask prices and the lowest spread.

For whom:

Log file improves operation of liquidity providers in the platform. It lets clients of MFX Broker to get the best quotes.

How it works:

Bridge Aggregator is already integrated into MFX Broker MT4 trading platform. That is why traders do not have to download additional software. Bridge Aggregator connects the server of the platform with several liquidity providers at once and lets to unite the price streaming and to choose the most beneficial.

Market Depth is a table depicting sequence of buy and sell orders, worked out specially for MetaTrader 4. The table gives traders opportunity to see not only current market price, but market depth as well - levels and volumes at which pending orders are set on the market.

For whom:

Market Depth dashboard gives the trader opportunity to estimate the situation between buyers and sellers before taking the trading decision, which considerably increases trading result.

How it works:

"Market Depth" window can be eaily set manually in MetaTrader4 chart. Just click Alt+B or choose Deapth of Market via context menu on the chart.

Actions available via Market Depth:

  • Choice of future transaction volume.
  • Choice of SL and TP level.
  • Sell command.
  • Buy command.
  • Setting of Buy Limit, Sell Limit и Buy Stop, Sell Stop pending orders of required volume and price.

Event Alerts is a service of sound notifications which activate both in the terminal and are sent by e-mail or by SMS to phone. Alerts will release you from constant monitoring and will notify you about the state of the account immediately.

For whom:

Alerts service enables traders to control account state without logging-in the Personal cabinet. They immediately notify you about the changes on your account.

How it works:

Alerts continue working as application or service, that is why it doesn"t require uploading to the terminal. Service notification is worked out specially for MetaTrader4 terminal. To start receiving notifications you need to log-in the personal cabinet and tick Event Alerts check-box. After that you will start receiving notifications.

Notifications available in Event Alert :

  • Depositing/withdrawing
  • Take Profit / Stop Loss
  • Stop Out
  • Activation of pending order
  • Checking of margin level

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