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Partners from 60 countries already joined us!

Our unique affiliate programs and contests were worked out specially for you to bring you maximal profit from trading of your clients.

In this section answers to the most popular questions related to MFX Broker partnership section, are presented.

Any person or organization may become partner. Participation in most of programs doesn"t imply initial charges. In order to become a Partner you need to choose the program, register in the Personal Cabinet, and start making money with MFX Broker. For all questions about Affiliate program please contact partnership@mfxbroker.com

  1. How to sign up for the affiliate program?
  2. Which affiliate program is available for the partner after registration?
  3. What is referral (partnership) link?
  4. Is is possible to engage clients in several programs simultaneously?
  5. Who is referral and auto-referral?
  6. Can partner register his/her relative by his/her referral link without being accused of being an auto-referral?
  7. Where advertising materials for engaging clients, which a partner can use for engaging clients, can be taken?
  8. I became a partner, what is next?
  9. Which tools can I use for promotion of my referral link?
  10. Does the client know that partner get commission for his/her closed trades?
  11. Can partner use his/her partnership commission for trading?
  12. Is there any opportunity of partner"s sources click-through statistic control (links, banners)?
  13. The client registered by my referral link, but didn"t appear in my list. What can I do in such situation?

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