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Benefits for subscriber

Do you want to see whom subscribers choose?

Trading signals service is one of the most relevant areas of social trading which lets to get additional income:

You know nothing about Forex, but you are eager to get profit which is dozens and hundreds times more than interest rates from bank deposits?

You already examined all the intricacies of trading, but you have no time for 24h sitting in front of the computer monitoring currencies" waverings?

You want to parcell risks between you and other exprienced traders?

In case you answered "yes" at least to one of these questions, then MFX Copy service is for you!

How to subscribe to signals?

MFX Copy service is an in-home development of MFX Broker. Service lets to subscribe to several providers at once.

Benefits of MFX Copy for subscribers:

MFX Copy. Benefits of the service for subscribers.
  • Utterly easy registration procedure
  • You get objective online monitoring of trading results of every provider according to more than 10 parameters. This type of statistics as well as rating position and number of subscribers will help you to choose providers subscription for which can bring you maximum profit with acceptable risks
  • All the transactions on providers" accounts are realized only with real funds, and this is a guarantee of the most responsible attitude to the whole trading process
  • Using just one account you can form your own investment portfolio having subscribed for signals of several providers at once. Subscription for several providers lets diversify risks and increase possible profit
  • Unsubscription or changing one or several providers is possible any moment at your desire

Conditions of work for subscribers:

  • Three options of subsciption are available for subscriber

Fixed – transactions with fixed volume open after the signal. This size is set in "Volume" field when opening account. So when copying transactions only instrument and direction of transaction of provider are taken into account

Multiplier – transactions, volume of which is equal to provider"s transactions volume multiplied by the size of "Multiplier" setting, open after the signals from provider"s account

Balance – transactions, volume of which is equal to volume of provider"s transactions multiplied by the ratio of subscriber"s account balance to provider"s account balance, open after the signals from provider"s account

Equity – transactionы, volume of which is equal to volume of provider"s transactions multiplied by the ratio of subscriber"s equity to provider"s equity, open after the signals from provider"s account

  • MFX Copy service guarantees reliabilty, absence of slippages, absence of divergencies between signals of provider and subscriber, and maximum copying speed
  • Your money including profit is always on your account and you can use it at your disposal at any moment
  • Service operates even with shut-off terminal. There is no need to keep the computer on 24 h or spend money for the rent of VPS-server
  • There are no increases of spreads and commissions on transactions
  • To subscribe to signals you can use any type of the following accounts: Standard, Micro, ECN MT4

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