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Do you want to know more about how PAMM-account works?

If you got interested in this service, please examine examples of PAMM-accounts" operation.

If you are experienced trader and can make money on financial markets, you are ready to manage investors" capital and get reward for it.

MFX Broker offers contemporary investment service, which lets investor get profit without Forex trading, and manager can get income for professional management of investors' funds. PAMM-service automates manager's work of engaging investors and proportionally distributes trading results.

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Manage both investors' and yours funds!

The manager can set key parameters himself like: minimal investment amount, date of management period start, commission amount, etc.

All parameters and statistics on new transactions and profits of PAMM-account are depicted in friendly manager's interface. Investors can see, comment, and estimate actions of the manager, increasing his rating. Manager's reputation and position in the open general rating of PAMM Managers of MFX Broker is formed on the basis of comments.

Benefits of MFX PAMM-accounts:

  • Apeal for investors provided by manager"s personal funds on the PAMM-account;
  • Number of PAMM-accounts opened by one manager is not limited;
  • Automatic PAMM-accounts rating with 10 most important parameters;
  • PAMM-manager sets conditions of cooperation;
  • Absence of faults in profit distribution and commission reward calculations;
  • Opportunity of controlling all the calculations in the personal cabinet
  • High speed of transactions execution;


In case Manager’s withdrawal operation makes equity balance of PAMM-account less than equity minimum value of Manager’s PAMM-account, such withdrawal operation causes automatic PAMM-account closing.

Risk notification!

MFX Broker is not responsible for financial or other results of PAMM-account management. Investing into one or several PAMM-accounts investor accepts all the risks of financial losses.

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