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About investment program

General provisions

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Management of Investment Portfolio

For the management of the portfolios, the Board employs the services of investment experts as its fund managers and has specified investment guidelines to control the level of day to day decision making.

The investment strategy to meet MFX’s specific objective is a “Balanced” portfolio designed to produce a high level of liquidity and flexibility with a reasonable expectation of capital growth over the longer term. The risk and volatility of growth investments will be maintained at a level that is designed to achieve, over at least a 2 year period, consistent capital growth with some income to smooth returns.
The “Balanced” portfolio recognizes that MFX is cautious of taking high risks, MFX is comfortable in taking some risk to achieve long term capital growth with expectation of swings in year to year returns.

Investment objectives

The primary concern of MFX in setting its investment strategy, is to act in the best financial interests of the holding and its beneficiaries, seeking the best return that is consistent with a prudent and appropriate level of risk.

Legal entity Master Services Inc. holds license for asset management providing and trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities, under the number IFSC/60/296/TS/15 and follows the rules and regulations of the Financial Authority.
MFX Capital will ensure that all investments are made in accordance with the legislative requirements applicable to companies in each country of presence.
MFX will invest to ensure sufficient liquidity is retained to meet its day to day expenses and obligations. MFX will adjust its specific objectives where the Board believes the risk profile of the MFX has changed or the composition of investments should change.
MFX may make investments, provided they are undertaken on arms length basis, and do not contravene legislative requirements.

Investment strategy

As a progressive holding with investments and obligations around the world, MFX Group sets the development plans for the period up to five years ahead with the average annual return 70%-100% The main target of the holding - to become an ideal partner in working on various financial markets for different groups of investors.

Plans for the next 5 years:

  • Set up over 8 new branches targeted on developing countries with growth potential.
  • Become a MultiBroker, offering the clients access to direct and OTC markets.
  • Offer the maximum of possible financial instruments and types of actives, providing the possibilities of diversification of investor’s trading portfolio.
  • Implement the most convenient trading platforms.
  • Optimize the current investment products of the company to attract maximum of investors.
  • Create and promote cross functional system of social trading.

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