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8 years  of successful operation on international financial markets of operation on the financial market
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Career in MFX Capital

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Do you want to know more about how MFX Capital works?

If you are interested in this service, please get acquainted with our approach to work in the presentation

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MFX Broker is oriented for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with both individual and corporate representatives all over the world. That is why we created a scheme for each group of potential partners and step-by-step recommendations from our experts who are at your disposal for clarification of any questions.

Become partner of MFX Capital investment program!

Remuneration calculation

Investment period Remuneration for 1-4 active clients Remuneration for 5-12 active clients Remuneration for 13-20 active clients
6 months (4%) 2% 3% 4%
12 months (5%) 3% 4% 5%

All you need to do is:

  • Make some efforts and decide to start new career growth and new stage of your life;
  • Work according to the Policy and rules of the company;
  • Be in course of company news, its products and promotions;
  • Develop your managing, training, and leadership skills.

In case you still doubt whether this business suits you, please see some benefits which this area gives you:

  • 1You will be engaged into clubbish set.
    You can engage different investors - from middle managers to top managers of big corporations.
  • 2You form your reputation.
    Services of MFX Capital are prestigious and high profitable. Offering investments amounting to 36% annually you offer your clients to increase their capital by means of innovative financial tools, so you form your reputation and professionalism in the financial community.
  • 3Your profit is limitless.
    Even if you are the most successful sales manager working in a big advertising, insurance or financial company, your income is limited by countries / markets in which your company operates. It will also be limited by the products which you offer because corporations tend to separate managers into different levels.

    Being MFX Capital Introducing Broker you can work both on local and global levels offering any service and products which offers our holding.
  • 4You are not attached to working place and country.
    What makes every job great? opportunity to work whenever you want, and rest when you do not feel enthusiasm for working. You can just take your phone or computer wherever you need - if you do not want to work at the office table, or you want to take a day off - at the same time getting remuneration from trading of your clients.

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