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Career in MFX Capital

Investment consultant

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Career in MFX. Become MFX Capital investment manager.

MFX Capital looks for ambitious managers, who desire to be the part of the team of investment consultants in different countries of the world.

Investment consultant works with professionals of the financial sphere under management of MFX Capital program.
Consultants have to be able to work in dynamic environment, be motivated, purpose-oriented, and manage priorities of business activity for achieving results.

Investment consultant provides effective every day administration of Client"s Investment Portfolio by means of:

  • Attendance and informational support of the investor on all levels.
  • Search of new potential investors by means of personal and general account bases.
  • Development f strategies for engagement investors including marketing and PR-promotions, presentations, release, etc.
  • Overview of programs and services offered by MFX Capital, which can be use to the investor.
  • Provision of advice and information about financial income of the investor.
  • Updating of the information about development, new products, and other areas of MFX Group.
  • Pursuit of activities on the basis of the Holding"s Policy conditions and especially in terms of realization of investment programs administration.
  • Periodical provision of Reports on Management of MFX Capital Program about status of Consultant"s Investment fund.

Successful candidates must have:

  • Ability of development of professional relations with the purpose of increasing and saving of company"s assets under management.
  • Ability to share information about MFX holding, its products and services in a clear and brief form to rise interest to it.
  • Ability of participation in highly proficient and client presentations with financial advisers.

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