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8 years  of successful operation on international financial markets of operation on the financial market
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Career in MFX Capital

Prospects of working for MFX Capital

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Prospects of working for MFX Capital. Become the part of MFX team.

MFX Capital under the guidance of MFX Group financial holding is an innovative investment program which offers impressive return on investments to the clients all over the world.

Conditions of MFX Capitalprogram are easy and flexible from the managerial point of view - opening of account and depositing are realized fast in an on-line mode. Opportunity to start investing from $100 considerably increases number of your potential clients, giving you access for a more wide market for development.

What are the reasons to choose working for MFX Capital?

Consultants undergo training before the start of operation in MFX Capital:

  • General information of investment schemes, structures, and Return on Investments
  • History of development of MFX Holding, its products and services.
  • Investment scheme which is realized by MFX Holding in different countries
  • Trainings on negotiating and Client support service
  • Strategic planning and Investment Advice Reporting.
  • Full-time and part-time vacancies

    You have opportunity to choose either full-time of part-time job according to your current occupation.

  • Every day communication with successful people

    You will have opportunity of negotiating representatives of the corporate sector - managers, top managers of big companies and corporations, expand your circle of acquaintance and get adequate experience.

  • Sales strategic plan formation

    Together with the managers of MFX Capital you will be able to form particular sales strategy geared toward region"s specific character and and demands of your clients. With the help of MFX Capital program you will be able to to find particular ways of correspondence to the demands and expectations of the investors who wish to increase their budget, get additional income, and to become financially stable and confident.

  • Average income is from $2000 per month

    You will have opportunity of earning from $2000 per month with a lot of potential clients, strong positioning and aspiration to development.

  • Prospects – Manager"s position

    The most successful Investment consultants will be offered to open their own regional office, financed by MFX holding, organization of a group of employees, and position of manager of MFX Capital office in your country.

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