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MFX Challenge selection round

In case there is no statement on real account, or the trading results do not correspond with requirements, you can participate in MFX Challenge selection round.

According to the results of the contest the decision of accepting you to the first round of Proprietary Trading will be taken.

In case of successful completion through the round you will get prop-account with company's funds charged on it.

Participation scheme

1. Registration on the site

Register client account and complete
user certification.

2. Registration in the contest

Complete contest registration filling
all the required fields.

Registration is temporarily suspended

Conditions of MFX Challenge elimination round

  • Trading account initial balance: $2000.
  • Leverage: 1:50.
  • Stop-out: 100%.
  • Trading in frame of MFX Challenge is available since 9:00 till 22:00 from Monday till Friday. At 22:00 all open trades and pending orders are automatically closed.
  • Usage of expert advisers and subscription for trading signals are forbidden.
  • Duration of selection: 1 month.
  • Participation in MFX Challenge selection round is allowed only once.
  • Minimal profit interest rate: 15%.
  • Minimal number of lots: 5.
  • Maximum draw down: 40% (equity/balance).
  • Maximum deposit loss: 50% ($1000).
  • To complete the selection round successfully, every client must positively close 10 or more trading days.
  • Every participant of elimination round should keep a blog on MFX Broker website with description of trading strategies in use.
  • In case all the conditions of the selection round are completed, client's account is sent to risk-management department for verification. The company reserves the right to refuse prop-account creation in case client's trading style seems to be inappropriate.

Table of MFX Challenge participants

Account Round Profitability in $