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MFX Broker offers two options for participation in prop-trading program without MFX Challenge selection round:

1. Provide invetor's passwords

Trading report

Access to the first round
of the program

You can become the participant of the first round of Proprietary Trading program after you provide investor's access1 for examination of your statement of trading on real account of MFX Broker or any other brokerage company with at least 3 months trading period and completed minimal trading conditions2.

Our risk-management department will examine your statement and take a desicion about your participation in the first round of the program.

1) It is necessary to provide investor's access to MetaTrader4 trading account: login, investor's password, broker's name, trading server IP.

2) Account age from 3 months, more than 10 trades, positive profit, real account.


Register on the site

Register client account and complete user certification



Deposit account by $30

Make sure that there is $30 on your account or its equivalent enough for writing-off.

Deposit account


Provide investor's access

For company's risk-management control

Send password

2. Form trading account fund from the personal funds on the first stage.


If trading history
is negative

If history of the real trading account is negative, the client still can participate in prop-trading program. In this case the client has to deposit his MFX Broker wallet by $100 which will be held back. After that the client gets in the first stage of MFX Broker prop-trading program.


Register on the website

Register client account and complete user certification



Deposit $100 to the account

Make sure that you have $100 on your account or its equivalent available for writing-off

Deposit account


Become participant of the program

Start the first stage of your trading


In both cases after positive decision prop-account is opened for client. Right after the deposit is carried out the company transfers its funds to the client's account. Detailed conditions of prop-trading program are given on this page.

Table of participants

Account Stage Profitability in % Profitability in $ Amount under management Profitability in pips