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MFX fixed income

MFX fixed income

MFX Fixed Income. Guaranteed traders

MFX Broker offers its clients a range of investment opportunities: high-profitable investments in the frame of MFX Capital, PAMM-account, connection to MFX Copy, and unique MFX fixed income service, which gives chance to be both trader and investor at once. You open MFX trading account and complete transactions, and we charge interest rate according to the system equal to the one with urgent bank deposits!

MFX fixed income is a program of guaranteed trader’s capital increase for all clients of our company.

How does it work?

  • Interest rate is charged every month according to the size of free margin on your trading account.
  • Interest rate is charged automatically as calculated up to 9% per annum in USD till the third day of every current month.
  • Calculation of the amount to be charged is realized on a daily basis.
  • Interest rate is charged to the trading account by a balance operation with “Annual interest rate” comment.

Just during the first quarter of 2015 MFX charged more than $150,000 of interest rate to the trading accounts of its clients!

How to become participant of MFX fixed income program?

All clients of the company can participate in the program regardless to the cabinet registration or open account date.

To start getting profit with MFX fixed income program you just need to complete three simple steps:

  • Open “Standard” or “Micro” account
  • Complete user certification procedure in the Personal cabinet
  • Start active trading

MFX fixed income is your guaranteed income

It is secure like in bank. It is more beneficial than in bank.

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