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Trading conditions


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Don"t have time to study all the information on the website? Read «FAQ» section. Information that will be useful for new clients is gathered here.

Basic rules

  1. Account types offered by MFX Broker. Their distinctions
  2. Margin trading concept. Credit leverage
  3. Quote types (direct and indirect quotes, cross-rates)
  4. Quote. Ask and bid prices. Spread
  5. Transaction volume. Measurement and calculation
  6. Trend. Trend types
  7. Order types
  8. Stop Loss
  9. Take Profit
  10. Swap

General questions

  1. How can i become MFX Broker client? How to start trading?
  2. What documents should I submit for certification of user?

Finacial issues

  1. What do I have to do before i can withdraw funds?
  2. How can i withdraw funds from my trading account/personal wallet?
  3. I made a deposit, but my account is still not funded. What should i do?
  4. When will my withdrawal request be processed?
  5. How can i add funds to my trading account?

Trading conditions

  1. What are trading hours in MFX Broker?
  2. What kinds of trading strategies does MFX Broker allow?
  3. Does MFX Broker offer swap-free (Islamic) accounts?

Trading issues

  1. Take profit was not executed or pending order didn"t open, though the price reached the level, specified in the order
  2. Stop loss was executed or pending order opened, though the price didn"t reach the level, specified in the order
  3. Why are buy and sell buttons in the new order window not active?

Personal cabinet related questions

  1. Why does my mf wallet"s balance have several currencies?
  2. How many trading account may i open in my personal cabinet?

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