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Full conditions of prop-trading program

Full conditions of prop-trading program

MFX Broker provides prop-traders with constant risk-management support and automated risk control on the basis of unique software specially developed by IT-specialists of the company.

You can be not just a member of team of high-level professionals, but also become top-manager, head of prop-traders team and get total capital under management.

Trading conditions

  • Leverage 1:100.
  • Stop-out 100%.
  • Available instruments for trading: Forex and Metals.
  • Usage of expert advisers is forbidden on the first 6 stages.
  • Trades are held within a week on the first 7 stages.
  • Amount of trading days during which orders were opened should be equal of exceed half of general amount of trading days of prop-trading stage.
  • Other conditions are given in the "10 steps to success" table.
  • Every participant of the program must keep a blog on MFX Broker website with description of strategies which are used in his trading.
  • Every participant of the program can have only 1 active prop-account.

Stages of the program

  • Оn-line control of Proprietary Trading participants is held both automatically and manually. Trading system and risk-management department of the company analyse trades of the participant and can either level him up, or exclude from the program depending on the performance of these or that conditions.
  • In case client fulfils all the level up conditions within shortest time, his account is automatically sent to the risk-management department for level up confirmation. In other case the client trades till the end of the period which is twice longer than the minimal.
  • In case all conditions of levelling-up are fulfilled and the account is checked up by the risk-management department, additional company funds are charged to the client"s account for the next stage.
  • In case conditions of levelling-up are not fulfilled, but conditions of the current stage are completed, the client can continue trading at the same stage after risk-management department checks the results up.
  • In case conditions of levelling-up and conditions of the current stage are not fulfilled, but conditions of transferring from the first stage to the second are completed, the client is allowed to continue trading at the previous stage after risk-management department checks the results up. In this case company funds charged to the client"s account for levelling-up are written back.
  • When the client levels up the 6th stage, his deposit is returned to the account. The deposit withdrawal operations are not possible until the 6th stage.
  • Funds available for withdrawal are transferred to client"s wallet automatically when current equity exceeds equity of the stage"s start or equity after the last transfer. Equity calculation and funds transfer are carried out once a day unless total transfer amount reaches stage"s maximum size.
  • Starting from the 8th round traders can team up and monitor trades of each other, communicate in private chat, share strategies and experience, think over mistakes, and exchange predictions.
  • On the 10th stage the best traders within groups will be able to create and take the lead of their own team in which they will work out collective strategy, accumulate group"s capital to carry out this or that transaction, diversify and hedge risks.
  • 10th stage will also allow traders to get additional income for both training novice traders and engaging their funds into group"s trades, and for participation in prestigious Forex-exhibitions and special events.
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  1. Indicators of trading necessary for getting to the next stage

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