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Popular competitions of the company:

Series of grand competitions among traders on real and demo accounts.

MFX Broker contests is a series of grand competitions among traders on real and demo accounts with total prize fund of more than $500 000!

MFX Broker competitions perform in-house development of the company. Competitions are divided into several types due to which trader can fight one vs. one or in group competitions, participate with real deposit and win impressive prize fund, or test strategy with demo accounts but with real prize fund.

Types of tournaments:




Sit&Go is a series of unique competitions prize fund of which is formed by the participants! Contests start when necessary number of participants register for it. Choose the most suitable Sit&Go, then register for it, and for the opponents to join.

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Regular is a series of competitions on real accounts with impressive prize fund and different duration. Joining the round is available at any moment. Regular competitions start at defined time according to the schedule. Choose the most suitable for you Regular competition, fill in the simple registration form and wait for the start.

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Freeroll is a series of free competitions on demo-accounts with real prizes and different duration. Freeroll is a great opportunity to get real prize without risk for your personal funds.

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General rating of participants is formed after finish of each competition. Special widgets are available for the client in his personal cabinet. In these widgets the clients can see his personal statistics and results of participation.

MFX Broker competitions guarantee impressive prize fund, simple conditions of participation, fast registration and constant spirit of competition. Participate in competitions and win cash prizes every week!

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