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About signals

What is MFX Copy?

Do you want to see whom subscribers choose?

Trading signals service is one of the most relevant areas of social trading which lets to get additional income:

MFX Copy service of trading signals was created so that you could get income with minimum efforts and time by means of copying transactions of successful and experienced traders.

MFX Copy is a system of automated trading due to which successful traders-providers can post their trading in the rating, and traders-subscribers can follow providers and copy their transactions to personal trading accounts. The choice of provider is available according to various parameters.

Copy successful trades - increase your funds!

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MFX Copy service is suitable:

  • For professional traders who have opportunity of additional income due to provision of subscriptions for their signals, public testing of their trading systems, and acknowledgment of their achievements in the professional area
  • For novice traders who learn from the best by means of copying transactions, studying different startegies, and learning how to analyze major indicators of trading activity
  • For traders who can get income without long-term examination of operation on financial markets due to the right choice of providers with the signals of which they can get maximum profit

How to subscribe to signals:

  1. Provider places his account in the rating of signals-providers
  2. Subscriber chooses provider according to more than dozen criteria and subscribes for his signals. Subscriber also chooses copying parameters: full, partial, proportional
  3. After that subscriber"s terminal automatically copies provider"s transactions. Risk of coming accross unreliable provider is minimal as providers" rating is availbale to any client of MFX and it is completely transparent and accurate
  4. Statistics of provider"s account is the best demonstration of reliability

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