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Do you want to know more about how PAMM-account works?

If you got interested in this service, please examine examples of PAMM-accounts" operation.

If you are interested in financial markets, but you are not ready to work by your own, PAMM-account will be a perfect investment solution for you to increase your capital.

Use services of experienced managers, invest into their PAMM-accounts. Professional trader you choose from the rating will realize trading instead of you.


Make money easily with MFX Broker!

Interface of the PAMM-account helps investor to monitor the profit and statistics on new transactions which are realized by the manager. Investors can see, comment, and estimate actions of the manager.

Reputation of the manager and his position in the open general ratings is formed on the basis of comments. Investor can always choose the manager he likes most and get full information about the results of his trading.

Benefits of the PAMM-service for investor:

  • Easy and fast investment procedure;
  • Safety of investments: manager cannot withdraw investor"s funds;
  • Professional managers: rating reflects real history of transactions;
  • Transparent service: 24 hours access to the account, automatic calculations;
  • Opportunity to increase or decrease personal investment amount;
  • Opportunity of investing to PAMM-accounts of different managers;
  • Full automation of all calculations. PAMM service calculates profit and fees;

How to become Investor

  1. Register in the personal cabinet
  2. Choose manager from the rating
  3. Click Invest button in the Manager"s profile
  4. Fill in the simple form
  5. Follow further instructions

Risk notification!

MFX Broker is not responsible for financial or other results of PAMM-account management. Investing into one or several PAMM-accounts investor accepts all the risks of financial losses.

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