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About investment program

Benefits of the program

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Do you want to know more about how MFX Capital works?

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Invest into real business! MFX Capital is a program which gives opportunity of getting interest rate from investments into MFX Group holding and its wide range of activities.

Areas into which the company invests funds:

MFX Broker - Development of Financial Products

MFX Branches - New offices all over the world

MFX Academy – development of educating programs

MFX Real Estate - Purchase of real estate

MFX Holding - Financing of business

MFX Affiliate - Development of affiliate program

Benefits of MFX Capital
  • High interest rate – up to 36% annual
  • Available for both individual and corporate investors
  • Monthly,quarterly, and annual financial reports
  • Flexible term starting from 6 months
  • Global investments
  • Personal Investment assistant
  • Availability to upgrade from one program to another with beneficial conditions
  • Membership in MFX Privileged Club - the prestigious group gathering investors around the world
  • Monthly and annual contests "Reach Your Dream" with prizes from MFX Group holding
  • Concrete programs to reach your capital growth
Program 6 Months 12 Months 24 Months
Fixed Rate on Deposit (monthly) 2% 3% 3% - 5%*
Minimal Deposit 500 $* 100 $* 10 000 $*
Maximum Deposit unlimited unlimited 2 000 000 $*
Investors Cabinet YES YES YES
Corporate investments (Funds, SME) YES YES YES
Participation in program contests YES YES YES
Simplified sum withdrawal system YES YES YES

* - or equivalent in any other currency of the Wallet

* - for the first 10 months - 3% monthly, the next 8 months - 4% monthly, the last 6 months - 5% monthly

* - fixed rate on automatically reinvestment(annual interest) - 12%

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