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Example of PAMM-account operation

See the scheme of PAMM-account operation


If you are interested in financial markets but not ready to work by your own, PAMM-account is a perfect investment solution for you to get income without special knowledge and experience.


You are experienced trader and can earn on financial markets? Then you are ready to manage investors' capital!

About PAMM-accounts

Do you want to know more about how PAMM-account works?

If you got interested in this service, please examine examples of PAMM-accounts' operation.

PAMM-account is a contemporary investment service which lets investor get profit without Forex trading, and manager gets income for professional management of investors' funds.

PAMM-account is a trading account which accumulates funds of one or several investors together with personal funds of manager. The task of the manager lies in rational capital management and professional trading on PAMM-account to get maximum profit.

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PAMM-account opens just with one click.

Benefits of MFX PAMM-accounts:

Benefits of MFX Broker PAMM-accounts.
  • Full automation of calculations between the manager and investors
  • Security provided by the capital of the manager on the account
  • Automatic rating of PAMM-accounts with 10 sortable indicators
  • Absence of faults in distribution of the profit
  • High speed of transactions execution
  • Transparency of any calculations which are available to investor in the personal cabinet

Rules of PAMM-account operation

  1. Manager opens PAMM-account, mentions its parameters: investment period, commission amount, etc.
  2. Manager invests personal funds to his PAMM-account and starts trading
  3. Results of manager's work are automatically posted in the open PAMM-accounts rating
  4. With the help of the rating investor analyses effectiveness of managers' operation, chooses the most suitable of them and then invests funds into the PAMM-account of the chosen manager
  5. After the finish of the trading period, financial results of the PAMM-account are automatically distributed between the manager and his investors proportionally to invested funds. Investors also automatically pay Success Fee to the manager
  6. Investors can constantly monitor operation of the manager and control profitability of invested funds

News of the service

Contemporary investment service which lets investor get profit without Forex trading, and manager can get income for professional management with investors' funds.

Rating of PAMM-managers

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