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MFX Challenge contest

If you do not have statement on real account, you can participate in special selection round - it is your chance to become prop-trader!

Participate in the program

If you are experienced trader, you do not need to participate in selection round. Just give us investor access to your trading account and become prop-trading participant.

Conditions of the program

Full conditions of participation in prop-trading program.

Prop-trading service

  • Are you successful trader who knows how to make money on Forex?
  • Do you want MFX Broker to invest $100 000 into you?
  • Do you want to get up to 90% of the profit gained?

If you answered "yes" to all three questions, Proprietary Trading project is what you need!

Proprietary Trading (shortly "prop-trading") from MFX Broker is a new international project in the frame of which our company is ready to give traders more than $100,000 under management.

So you have much more funds than your initial deposit at disposal. Moreover, you get up to 90% of the profit gained.

Funds under management can exceed trader's deposit by 3500 times.

We are interested in successful and long-term cooperation. That is why we are ready to take all the risks. Traders are not limited in possible losses by their deposit. The whole account deposit given under management can be used for trading.

Principle of prop-trading service operation

Evaluate unique benefits of MFX Proprietary Trading project:

  • No risks! Unlike many others, our developed scheme "10 steps to success" provides company's fund management from the second stage without depositing personal.
  • Company funds can exceed trader's personal deposit by thousands times. Initial deposit of just $30 is required to participate. And funds under management can reach $100,000 and even more. In addition trader gets up to 90% of the profit.
  • We do not limit potential losses by trader's deposit.
  • Any trading strategy. Arm's length terms and huge choice of trading instruments.
  • You get magnificent and real chance for career progress! The best traders will be united into teams and will be able to use group's total capital, choose the best strategies, and diversify risks properly increasing total profitability. You have real chance to become not just a participant, but also a leader of such team!

Proprietary Trading is your chance to get to the new level of trading! Do not miss it!

How to participate in Proprietary Trading program?

Send application for
participation in prop-trading

Experienced traders with trading history on MFX accounts or accounts of any other brokers can participate in prop-trading program without participation in MFX Challenge selection round. In this case it is necessary to give us access to trading history, and make deposit to the wallet in the personal area.

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Participate in MFX Challenge
selection round

If the client has no trading history on live account he can participate in special selection round according to the results of which he can be accepted to the first stage of MFX Broker prop-trading program.

MFX Challenge is a special contest with the help of which you can become the participant of prop-trading program.

Participate in contest